Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Vignettes of the Possibly Dying

Herein is the record; the Vignettes of the Possibly Dying- a collection of spiritual literature, guidance and meditations with a dash of metaphysical prose scribed for you. These vignettes are like coal and diamonds, sand and glass. Maybe you will find a jewel to keep for yourself and let it spark the torch you carry on this long dark night. 

A stunning linen hardcover edition- with a beautiful dust jacket, stamping, sketched illustrations along with insights into life, death, love, friendship and the quest for what lies beyond; heaven. Out Now!

About the Author: The year KB Eliza started to write stories was the year she tried to live in a treehouse. It was an unusually wet one, with thunder that made her dog shake. As a young child, she loved to escape into the dimension of storytelling, and she read literature to her dog to help with the shakes. This was also the year she experienced faith, hope, and a strong notion that there may be more beyond our world than we can perceive. A spiritual quest started, the muse for a life of metaphysical enquiry. 

Now the full-time Australian writer dedicates her time to simple living and extracting the thoughts and wonders that arrive most days, inspiring prose and heart filled pondering.

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Vignettes of the Possibly Dying has a narrator who sees things clearly, acknowledging the world’s pain without succumbing to fear of it. In that sense, the book does inspire. Emily Dickinson wrote “Tell all the truth but tell it slant,” and Eliza takes this advice to heart. Her language is often ambiguous but stick with it. Receptive readers will find it a challenging but satisfying read.

KB Eliza’s VIGNETTES OF THE POSSIBLY DYING is a hard-to-classify book which couches truth in ambiguous language. Receptive readers will find it a challenging but satisfying read.
- indie reader 

Beautiful and thought provoking are the first things that come to mind with these poems. I found myself taking snippets of them and posting them elsewhere on my social media because they are completely relatable. It’s strange to see your feelings written down by someone other than yourself but it also gives you the sense that you’re not entirely alone. There are definitely parts of this that I will come back to over and over again.

A thoroughly enchanting set of thoughts and feelings with a warm, soothing feel to them. Reading this book is like putting on comfy slippers. Highly recommended!’ – The Wishing Shelf


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